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"Playing music should be fun!"
                                        Tomas Hurnik

After experiencing various challenges in his own musical journey as a result of his music education, Tomas has established a truly holistic way of teaching so that the education of the cellist is not just about preparing for exams with studies and challenging pieces, but teaching the whole person. He thus incorporates  musicians ship, technique along side posture cooperating with practitioners of Rolfing and Alexander Technique.

Tomas Hurnik specializes in teaching cello and chamber music. He welcomes all ages from 10 to 110 years old.

Technique is the foundation for any musician. Tomas spends a great deal of attention to the foundations of cello playing such as bowing, tuning, posture, making sure the muscles are not over performing which would lead to fatigue, tension and strained sound. With this foundation is solid, true musicianship can take place. Tomas trained in the heart of Europe and had access to the best of the classical and Baroque music scene. He loves inspiring his students with his keen sense, knowledge and understanding of every given piece of music he teaches.


Tomas cooperates with Mary Anne Gabriel, a certified Rolfer (Structural Integration). Rolfing is a body work  technique of deep tissue manipulation aimed at the release and realignment of the body, and the reduction of muscular and psychic tension. Tomas has witnessed the effects of Rolfing on the not only his own ability to perform with ease, but also watched students who once had great difficulty playing freely, let go of their tension and resistance and thus be able to create a more colorful and steady sound on their instrument.

Tomas also cooperates with practitioners of the Alexander Technique which takes a more awareness approach to performing, giving cues and feedback to the performer so that they move in a way that is more effective and least strenuous.

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